Emergency Preparedness Team, Schoharie County Department of Health

Emergency Preparedness Team

  • First Row: Asante Shipp-Hilts, Carol Shaver, Diane Croote, Brenda Hewett
  • Second Row: Carol Warner, Linda Stiles, MaryAnn Purack, Pete Cappellano, Eva Gigandet, Karen Karker, Penny Grimes, PH Educator
  • Missing from Photo: Carl Christman, Valarie Manchester, Mary Meier

The Schoharie County Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Team is made up of public health professionals who played a critical role during Schoharie County's response to Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee of August 2011. The team operated after losing the office of the health department and all of the tools, supplies and equipment needed for daily operation. In light of this, the team members pulled together to provide over 1,400 tetanus vaccinations, corresponded with the public on foot, and provided environmental education and support to the community by ensuring the safety of children and families after the flood devastation. The dedication of the health department staff was evident during this disaster and allowed them to keep their focus and priority on serving the Schoharie County residents.

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