Environmental Health Team, Genesee County Public Health Department

Environmental Health Team

Pictured from left to right:

  • Back:
    • Sarah Balduf
  • Front:
    • Kristine Brice, Tom Sacco, Abby Diegelman, Jessica Zaremski

The fiscal realities of 2012 were no secret to those charged with securing and improving public health in New York. In the face of these challenges, Genesee County's Environmental Health Team continues to deliver exceptional service to those in our communities.

Team work and adaptability have always been the strengths of this group of remarkable people as they handle all environmental health programs. The team is responsible for community sanitation and environmental lead inspection duties, as well as the oversight of the Drinking Water Enhancement Work Plan. They also coordinate the rabies program and conduct inspections of pools and children's camps.

The members of the Environmental Health Team are always eager to step up and assist others in the department and willing to pursue opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill sets.

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