Michele Wunderlich, Senior Planner, Cayuga County Department of Health and Human Services

Michele Wunderlich, Senior Planner

  • 12+ years of service

Michele Wunderlich, Senior Planner, contributes significantly to the improvement of Public Health in Cayuga County through her knowledge, skills and great working relationships used in developing, writing and coordinating our Public Health Emergency Response Plans and Deliverables. Michele has a comprehensive understanding of health department plans and Comprehensive County Emergency Plans. That knowledge base has solidified Michele's positive working relationships with our public and private entities that are vital partners in our response.

Michele has taken a lead role in writing and routinely revising the majority of our Public Health Reponse plans including: Medical Counter Measures, Strategic National Stockpile, All Hazards and Pandemic. She is instrumental in the execution of our drills, after action reports and timely completion of grant deliverables.

Michele is thorough and detail oriented in addition to being practical and realistic. Her calm demeanor, intelligence, relationships and skills make her an exceptional contributor toward public health response and a prime example of how Public Health Works!

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