Wendy Johnson, Public Health Nurse, Dutchess County Department of Health

Wendy Johnson

  • 12 years of service

As the Coordinator of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and the Lead Primary Prevention Program at the Dutchess County Department of Health, Wendy Johnson demonstrates leadership in the pursuit of program goals and essential public health services. Through Wendy's timely follow-up, teaching and case management, she has assisted children and families in accessing medical care and alternative housing. She works closely with Environmental Health colleagues to assess housing for lead hazards and has been instrumental in guiding families to healthy outcomes.

Wendy has gained the trust and respect of medical providers throughout the community. She completes lead assessment and educational visits to pediatric and family practice offices, which has been successful in increasing the numbers of physicians who routinely test their patients for lead levels at guideline ages of one and two. Additionally, she has been supportive to physician practices by assisting them with implementation of new technology whenever possible.

Wendy has accomplished all of the essential public health services as they pertain to the problem of lead poisoning and prevention and control in Dutchess County.

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