Tracy Fricano Chalmers, Regional Coordinator, Erie County Department of Health

Tracy Fricano Chalmers, Regional Coordinator

  • 12 years of service

Tracy has been the driving force to revise, rewrite and reorganize the Strategic National Stockpile and Medical Countermeasures Plans over the past year. This was a critical task as the Erie County Local Technical Assistance Review (LTAR) had gone from a score in the 90’s to a score in the 50’s over the last two years. Both the County Administration and the NYS Department of Health had identified significant improvement of the score as a critical task.

Her personal commitment and tireless effort has resulted in a greatly improved score and a more useful set of plans, in the event of a public health emergency. A significant contribution has been to foster relationships not only in Public Health in our Region, but also with hospitals, large employers, educational institutions, emergency management and the first responder community.

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