Dr. Govind Rao, MBBS, MDFAAP, MDPC, Medical Director, Montgomery County Public Health Department

Dr. Govind Rao, MBBS, MDFAAP, MDPC, Medical Director

  • 6 years of service

Medical Director, Dr. Govind Rao shares his knowledge with the Montgomery County Public Health Department staff and community. He offers sound consultation on public health threats and actively participates in Public Health Performance Management and Quality Improvement. Dr. Rao protects our community's overall health and well-being by encouraging external partners to support a broader public health approach by supporting public health communicable disease and immunization activities, lead, rabies and injury prevention activities and children with special health care needs activities, throughout our community.

While working in his private practice the "Neena Rao Medical Center" as a pediatrician Dr. Rao also promotes healthy living to parents of babies and children of all ages. Dr. Rao protects his patients through promoting vaccinations for individuals for all vaccine preventable diseases and values prevention as a means to improve the public's health. His prevention message is interwoven in all he does; in his private pediatric practice, his guidance within the health department, and in his personal life. Dr. Rao is an exemplary leader to our rural local health department.

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