Judith A. Brenon, Senior Typist, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Judith A. Brenon, Senior Typist

  • 22 years of service

Judith A. Brenon, Senior Typist, works in the Jefferson County Public Health Service (JCPHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unit, and has demonstrated a continued and significant commitment to improving the public health of the local community. Judy is highly professional in all interactions with the public, EMS students and course instructors, County and State emergency personnel, and community partners. The JCPHS EMS unit coordinates education programs, systems response planning, support services, quality improvement, and public health preparedness with other emergency and public safety providers, hospitals, agencies and committees. The unit sponsors 25 courses annually. Judy supports all of these programs, and is in active member of the Central New York Medical Reserve Corps to respond to regional emergencies.

Judy has been formally recognized by local and regional EMS leadership for her dedication, devotion, and excellence toward her work. Judy is an excellent Public Health Works! representative.

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