Jennifer McGohan, MS, Public Health Educator, Madison County Health Department

Jennifer McGohan, MS, Public Health Educator

  • 7 years of service

Jennifer McGohan is responsible for all public health emergency preparedness activities, and strives to accomplish all required deliverables in a manner that actively engages our respective Divisions without imposing unnecessary effort. She competently promotes our respective Division’s mission, supports training for staff and is always willing to assist with Madison County Health Department activities, goals and objectives. Her greatest value is her role as the Department’s “webmaster”, maintaining the public health website, updating and improving clinic scheduling and responding to queries made through the website. Her willingness to work with staff to improve the website and develop messages that enhance awareness of emerging health issues is readily acknowledged. Jennifer is a valued member of the Department’s Disease Surveillance Committee, with the responsibility of producing the weekly – monthly disease reports that provide valuable disease trends to the medical community, and takes a key role in planning for flu clinics and “point of distribution” exercises. Jennifer works easily with all staff, daily exhibits a cheerful disposition and reacts professionally in fulfilling her work assignments.

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