Jessica Darney Beuhler, BS, PHC, Senior Health Educator, Essex County Public Health

Jessica Darney Beuhler, BS, PHC, Senior Health Educator

  • 4.5 Years of Service

Jessica Darney Buehler is the perfect fit for the dynamic role of Essex County Public Health Educator. She secured the Creating Healthy Places grant, and incorporates evidence and population based strategies to facilitate policy, systems and environmental change. Jessica demonstrates dedication to approaches that positively influence health behaviors and outcomes. She even recently received media kudos for bagging discarded cigarette butts during time off! Jessica is well respected by her peers for her expertise and commitment, as evidenced by her role as Public Information Officer, Chairperson of the ARHN Data Sub-committee, and development of the Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan. Jessica recently completed the University of Albany graduate Certificate of Public Health and continues to work toward her Master's Degree in Public Health, while conquering full time work and family. She accomplishes all this and more with an infectious sense of humor, vivacious team spirit and positive attitude.

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