Livingston County Department of Health

Livingston County Department of Health

Back Row:

  • James Peraino, Roxanne Clarke, James Kanouse, James Mazurowski, Susan Zimmer, JoMarie Kimbel, Debra Hendershot, Debbie Hockenberry, Ian Coyle (County Administrator), Patricia White, Mirandah Hendershot, Alison Swain, Alise Rounsville, Stacey Bennett, Cheryl Manthey, Melissa Mumm, Erik Henderson, Catherine Hamilton, Diane Jackson

Middle Row:

  • Jill Burley, RN, BSN, Victoria Ann Cunningham, RN, BSN, Barbara Rogers, Sandra Bradt, RN, BSN, Joan Ellison (PHD, retired 2/28/13), Barbara Hanna, Mary Margaret Stallone (Accreditation Coordinator), Cindy Sheflin, RN, BSN, Prudence King, RN, BSN, Claire Wood, RN, BSN, Roberta MacLean, Ann Tucker Jobson, RN, BSN, Michele Abrey, Kevin Dyke, Toni Radesi, Mylessia Candie, RN


  • Kathleen Root, Jennifer Rodriguez (Deputy Director, MS, PhD), Yvonne Oliver, Jackie Small, MPH, CHES, Marian Sackett, Lisa Beadsley, Linda Beuter, Marian Kennell


  • Marcia Ballard, Diana Cannon, Michele Cassel, Lou Conrad, NP, Carla Cox, RN, Janice Donovan, Norene Douglas, Karen Farwell, RN, Grace Flannery, Donna Gates, Linda Hamilton, RN, Peggy Hamilton, RN, BSN, Ashley Hendershot, RN, Gail Johnson, RN, Kathy Magee Lynn Martindale, Cheryl Messing, NP, Suzanne O’Brien, Michelle Perez-Mendez, Amy Phelps, RN, Susan Rountree, RN, BSN, Colleen Schiedel, RN, BSN, Ann Schinski, RN, BSN, Linda Simmons, RN, Kathy Smith, Emily Treadwell, RN, Colleen Vokes, RN, BSN, Cynthia Wagner, Irene Wilcox, RN, BSN, Nancy Wilk, NP, Shari Young, RN, Gail Yunker, RN, Marsha Abe, RN, Beth Allen, RN, BSN, Heather Braaten, RN, Linda Broadwell, Deborah Brown, RN, BSN, Kim Bush, Laurie Calnan, RN, BSN, Wendy Chapman, RN, BSN, Rod Clements, Tami Coburn, RN, BSN, Moira Coughlin, Jacalyn Eddy, PhD, RN, Adrienne Delorm, RN, Stephanie Forrester, Tina France, RN, Stephanie Galton, RN, Theresa Gilliland, RN, Martha Gorton, Sandra Johnson, RN, Barb Jones, RN, Jolynn Joy, RN, BSN, Serena Kniffin, MSW, Thomas LaMonte, Janet Lewis, RN, Penny Martin, Joanne McKeown, RN, BSN, 4- PHW LHD Honor Roll Bios 2013.docx 20 Judy Meyers, RN, BSN, Tracy Monteleone, Tammy Nichols, RN, BSN, Lori Nolan, Patricia Oakes, Monica Phillips, Dorothy Pierce, Alicia Pitre, RN, Kerry Prentice, Jacqueline Preston-Gregor, Jerri Rounsville, RN, Sharon Stokoe, Carol Thompson, RN, Loraine Vongli, Desiree Watkins, RN, Jennifer Wester, RN, BSN, Anthony Witte, MD, Sandy Yates, RN, Steven Young, Dan Bowlds, Brad Carney, Cathy Higgins, George Sisak, Kathy Tewksbury, Arnold Matlin, MD, Helen Molyneux, Sally Nash and Kimberly Nichols.

Every employee of the Livingston County Department of Health, supported by Community Partners and County Government collaborated to provide extensive programming, exemplary care, and endless opportunities to improve the quality of life for County residents. In the fall the Department applied for National Accreditation, which was awarded in February 2013. This year, staff of the Department’s Cancer Services Program was given a Model Practice Award for their Main Street Goes Blue Colon Cancer efforts and the Department’s efforts were highlighted by the 2013 County Rankings, published by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Johnson Woods Foundation that placed Livingston County as the #1 Healthiest County in New York State. The employees of the Livingston County Department of Health supported by their Partners and Government strive to make their Vision of “Improved Quality of Life Today for a Healthier Tomorrow” a reality for Livingston County residents.

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