Michele Eberling, BA, PHA, Public Health Advisor - Communicable Disease Control, Dutchess County Department of Health

Michele Eberling, BA, PHA, Public Health Advisor - Communicable Disease Control

  • 10 Years of Service

Michele Eberling is an outstanding Public Health employee who performs multiple essential public health services with precision and excellence. Ms. Eberling's outstanding investigative skills identified a cluster of HIV infection that significantly impacts Dutchess County as well as the HIV morbidity in several neighboring MARO counties. In response to the identification of this expanding cluster of HIV illness, this employee mobilized community partners through outreach and education. Ms. Eberling's work with individual patients is just as stellar. She ensures prompt access to care for each and every patient she works with. Essential public health services require new insight and innovative solutions to public health problems. The cluster of illness discussed above centered heavily around the use of social networking for the transmission of infection. Ms. Eberling worked tirelessly to learn these networks, acquire access to the new technology required, and was so successful in this endeavor that New York State Department of Health has changed its investigative protocols to model those established by her.

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