Rita Mitchell, Principal Public Health Sanitarian, Clinton County Department of Health

Rita Mitchell, Principal Public Health Sanitarian

  • 27 years of service

Rita Mitchell is one of the most unassuming yet most effective public health workers here at the Clinton County Health Department. Having spent close to three decades in the Environmental Health and Safety Division, her knowledge of everything from restaurants to rabies is boundless. We often refer to her as our in-house expert on anything environmental. If the question is odd, and nobody has information on a topic, rest assured that Rita can put her fingers on the data and lead us in the right direction.

Over the years she has provided mentoring for new employees, supported and assisted peers in the EHS Division, and provided a sense of calm in an often chaotic work setting. Her systems approach, writing expertise, and organizational skills have allowed her to develop an approach that assures Emergency Preparedness, water and restaurant inspections, and the myriad of other tasks are tackled efficiently. Administering Office Conferences while at the same time trying to resolve public health issues is a balancing act that Rita performs well as she attempts to provide education and instructions to make our County a safe place to reside. We are proud to recognize her expertise and commitment to our public's health.

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