Darlene Eddy, Health Facility Comptroller, Clinton County Health Department

Darlene Eddy, Health Facility Comptroller

  • 14 years of service

Darlene Eddy, Clinton County’s Health Facility Comptroller, is accessible, approachable, honest and encouraging. Without her help, a lot of what we do each day could not be accomplished. She readily practices and supports the health messaging we strive to communicate to our community and she believes in lifelong learning and self-improvement. She practices these principles to further the work of the department. Such dedication is evidenced by her willingness to take on projects like the branding campaign and functioning as a facilitator for the Leadership Empowerment Program. She has also devoted time and energy to understanding what public health is to better advocate for and justify funding for the department’s undertakings. Her thoughtful and meaningful financial interpretations contributed, in part, to the department’s ability to transition through a recent restructuring. She is an excellent role model and asset to public health in Clinton County and NYS.

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