Diane Oldenburg, Senior Public Health Educator, Oswego County Health Department

Diane Oldenburg, Senior Public Health Educator

  • 23 years of service

Diane Oldenburg has been with the Oswego County Health Department since 1991 and has served as the Senior Public Health Educator in the Preventive Service Program since 2009. She is well known in the county for her years of public health education and outreach. Her work affects lives from those who sit in car seats to those who live in senior housing facilities. She leads a 3-member team of educators to cover the county public health education needs. By working closely with the Environmental and Nursing Divisions, Diane and her team developed a successful education program that resulted in a 50% reduction in rabies post-exposure treatment cases from 2012 to 2013. Diane also spearheaded the development of the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan for 2013. Her remarkable knowledge and influence in the county brought together strong and widespread partners who continue to vigorously support Prevention Agenda Initiatives within the county.

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