Lori Benincasa, Director of Prevention Education and Training, Suffolk County Department of Health Services

Lori Benincasa, Director of Prevention Education and Training

  • 36 years of service

For 36 years, Lori Benincasa has promoted the concept that education and prevention improves quality of life and reduces health care costs. In 2000, as a result of Lori’s clear vision and determination to advance Clean Indoor Air Policies, Suffolk County’s Office of Health Education was expanded. Today, under Lori’s leadership, over 80,000 children are receiving health education lessons addressing behaviors that cause mortality and morbidity. Over 17,000 smokers have participated in the county’s smoking cessation program and 96 % of the county’s 1,700 tobacco vendors have consistently refrained from selling tobacco products to minors. In 2013, Lori brought the New York State Diabetes Prevention Program to Suffolk County. The 16-week program promotes and supports modest changes in lifestyle in participants who are at risk for diabetes. This year, with her team of educators, Lori has piloted an anti-bullying program that will soon be rolled out to school children throughout the county.

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