Health Education Team, Genesee and Orleans County Health Department

Health Education Team, Genesee and Orleans County Health Department


  • Nola Goodrich-Kresse, Kristine Brice and Vanessa Vassall

As part of the cross-jurisdictional services project, the Genesee and Orleans County counties worked collaboratively in 2013 to develop a shared community health assessment (CHA) and community health improvement plan (CHIP) that will help steer the shared department’s focus areas within the State’s prevention agenda over the next four years. The team that made these documents possible was our education staff, which include Nola Goodrich-Kresse from Orleans County, Kristine Brice from Genesee County and Vanessa Vassall a CDC public health associate. This team worked diligently through 2013 to engage the public through surveys, community conversations, pouring through data, hosting stakeholder meetings and ultimately many hours writing the CHA and CHIP. Currently, they are attending many organization’s meetings to share about the process, the CHIP and encouraging more stakeholders to partner with us. Their dedication throughout this project and the continued daily support of our departments are helping us to continually improve and work towards the improved health of our counties residents.

Genesee and Orleans County are currently participating in cross jurisdictional services project where the two counties are sharing public health staff and working to streamline services to provide enhanced services and fiscal savings to county residents.

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