Madison County Department of Health

Madison County Department of Health


  • Front row: Rosanne Lewis (Director of Children with Special Needs), Lori Brockway (Service Coordinator), Chrystal Johnson (Health Educator II), Carole Thomas (Office Assistant I), Jasmine Smith (Office Assistant I), Doreen Cunningham (Office Assistant I), Sharon Lancette (Service Coordinator), Eileen McManus (Per Diem Nurse), Greg McGee (Health Statistician), Michelle Penoyer (Public Health Sanitarian)
  • Second row: Eric Faisst (Director of Public Health), Adah Vaughn (Registered Nurse II), Molly Limbert (Registered Nurse), Barb Whaley (Registered Nurse), Cheryl Geiler (Director of Community Health), Mallory Baksa, (Student Intern), Ken Cronn (Public Health Technician), Pete Church (Environmental Health Specialist), Aaron Lazzara (Assistant Director of Environmental Health), Geoff Snyder (Director of Environmental Health)
  • Back row: Ruth Boyd (Public Health Sanitarian), Jenn McGohan (Health Educator II), Cindy Schaeffer (Office Assistant II)
  • Not pictured: Angie Burgdoff (Principal Account Clerk), Karen Burgwin (Program Service Coordinator), Anne Carruthers (Confidential Secretary), Connie Coulthart (Assistant Director of Administrative Services), Kelly Golley (Director of Administrative Services), David Heintz (Public Health Sanitarian), Faith Hyde (Office Assistant II), Brenda Lubeck-Collins (Office Assistant II), Marc O'Hara (Director of Weights and Measures), Robin Warner (Office Assistant II), Ashley Scott (Office Assistant I), Deborah Havener (Registered Nurse), Catherine Horan (Disease Specialist)

The 36 members of the Health Department excel in providing health services to the residents of Madison County, and take pride in achieving the highest County ranking in health outcomes in Central New York.

The Divisions within the Health Department work cooperatively to ensure community health services are compassionately provided, advocacy for early intervention is delivered timely to children in need, conditions in the environment are effectively addressed to minimize adverse health effects, and services are administered in a fiscally responsible manner. The commitment to improve public health was demonstrated by the Department's 2015 accomplishments that include the Breastfeeding Connections Café and achievements of the maternal child health program, the health study engaged in response to community concerns prompted by a gas compressor project, actions taken in response to drinking wells contaminated from agricultural runoff, and initiatives taken to encourage a healthy homes approach that engages both residents and home service providers.

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