Zika Response Team, Rockland County Department of Health

Zika Response Team, Rockland County Department of Health

1st row, from left to right:
Sumira Mazza, Public Health Specialist I, Ronda Rosman, Program Specialist, Public Health Education, Amy Isenberg, Environmental Health Specialist, Scott McKane, Senior Public Health Engineer, Catherine Baade, Assistant Environmental Health Specialist, Juliette Content, Public Health Assessment Assistant II

2nd row, from left to right:
Anil K. Vaidian, MD, MPH, Director of TB & Communicable Disease Program, Maria I. Souto, MPH, Coordinator, Communicable Disease Program, Una Diffley, Director, Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention, Peter Hornberger, Public Health Technician I, James Hornberger, Environmental Biologist, Junie Delizo, MPH, Director, Public Health Preparedness, Kevin McKay, Director, Epidemiology and Public Health Planning

Not in the photo:
Bonnie Sullivan, Public Health Nurse, Judith Doherty, Public Health Nurse, Judith Hunderfund, Director, Environmental Public Health, Brian Hunderfund, Senior Environmental Health Specialist

The Rockland County Department of Health Zika Response Team represents a cohesive group of 15 professionals who work together as "Team Zika". They have developed a program to attack this serious emerging concern comprehensively and with careful coordination. From planning to trapping and identifying mosquito species to handling all aspects of Zika-related disease investigation (including pregnant clients), patient care testing and educational efforts (including timely press releases), they have demonstrated that their combined efforts have resulted in an appropriate and professional public health response that has benefited our community. Team Zika exemplified good communication skills, an essential in this setting. They worked closely with the NYSDOH and demonstrated strong collaborative, leadership and teamwork skills, proving that the only "I" is in "Zika".

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