Flood Response Team, Oswego County Health Department

Flood Response Team, Oswego County Health Department

Back Row (Left to Right):
Sonia Robinson, Public Health Educator; Kristy Buskey, Account Clerk; Marianne O'Hara, Senior Sanitarian; Gene Kush, Public Health Sanitarian; Judy Grandy Associate Public Health Sanitarian; Chris Wright, Public Health Sanitarian; Chris Williams, Associate Public Health Sanitarian

Front Row (Left to Right):
Brenda Lavery, Typist; Lauren Lok, Registered Nurse; Anna McNamara, Registered Nurse; Katelyn Parkhurst, Public Health Sanitarian

Not pictured:
Deb McCarthy, Registered Nurse; Tina Bourgeois, LPN; Jennifer Purtell, Registered Nurse; Diane Oldenburg Senior Public Health Educator

In Spring 2017 water levels in Oswego County increased to highs that had not been seen for decades. The Environmental Health (EH) Division began to monitor water levels before a flood was announced. Later, the Flood Response Team, made up of EH and Prevention Services Division staff, worked together to provide various brochures with topics like food safety and electricity safety in a flood, flood clean-up, and mold information to almost a dozen locations in the county. They also assisted in many assessments of flood-affected homes and campsites; educated the community about well and septic system concerns; provided free water testing and tetanus vaccination services; and distributed masks, insect repellents, and clean-up kits in various locations for the convenience of residents. The team worked with County Public Relations Coordinators to develop five flood-related press releases; and worked with State agencies to unblock a creek thereby reducing septic system concerns in a neighborhood, some campsites, and an RV park.

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