Dawn Bush, Public Health Program Coordinator, Chemung County Health Department

  • 3 Years of Service

In three short years, Dawn Bush has made an impact on the Chemung County Health Department in her role as Public Program Coordinator. Her passion for public health is demonstrated in her willingness to accept challenges and to think 'outside the box'. She is very active in several coalitions, from poverty reduction to sexual health. Her ingenuity has been on display recently as she developed and implemented a county-wide wellness program that saw participation by a multitude of county departments and was highly praised by the County Personnel Director. In addition, she also created a scavenger hunt that sought to engage the public and assist them in becoming more active. She leads our Health Department's emergency preparedness program, is instrumental in the Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan process and never misses the chance to educate individuals on matters of public health. The Chemung County Health Department looks forward to many more years and successes with Dawn.