Deb Crisalli, RN, Public Health Nurse Coordinator, Montgomery County Public Health

  • 8 Years of Service

Deb Crisalli is a one of a kind employee. Her dedication to the community, patients, and positive health community changes is evident in everything she does. Over the past year, Deb has grown her lead program to provide education and training to town mayors, code enforcement officers and social service staff. This initiative has developed with partnership via the Social Service Commissioner to look at housing that is funded through Social Services. This helps make sure landlords are maintaining safe living conditions at their properties.Deb has also taken on the task of increasing the number of maternal child health visits and home visits for new mothers in Montgomery county. Deb is on track to exceed targeted goals of increasing WIC visits for lead testing, and completion of one MCH home visit per month.Deb also provides services to over 350 seniors in the area through an Annual Senior Picnic.Deb does all of this and so much more, most importantly, she does so with a smile and positive attitude.