Krystal Potter, Public Health Nurse, Steuben County Public Health

  • 3 Years of Service

During the 2018 NYS DOH Consolidated Monitoring Program Review of Steuben County Public Health, Krystal Potter was recognized by the reviewers as someone who should "cloned" for the great work she has performed in Lead prevention. Kat was noted for being proficient in communicating the needs and challenges of each individual case as well as the larger picture of the Lead Prevention Program in Steuben County. She is focused on best practices and is very knowledgeable in her role. Kat quickly learned the intricacies of the program and has actively assisted strategic partners in the development of a Lead Prevention video that will be widely distributed. She has an active, collaborative relationship with the Hornell District office when lead mitigation issues arise. A quote from one of the reviewers was: "Kat Potter as the new Lead Prevention Coordinator is one of Steuben County Public Health's strengths!"