Cynthia Mosher, Public Health Sanitarian, Tompkins County Health Department

  • 3 Years of Service

Cynthia Mosher has been with the Tompkins County Environmental Health (EH) Department as a Public Health Sanitarian for 3 years. Her work has made significant improvements to the rabies program including advance online scheduling for the visits to the rabies clinic for the public and electronic generation of rabies vaccination certificates. Her focus did not end with the public. To address what the American Veterinary Medical Association has deemed an inhumane practice (freezing bats to euthanize and preserve them for testing), Cynthia researched humane bat euthanasia options and identified the use of inhalant anesthetics (isoflurane) with a downdraft table as the best method for us to use. She developed procedures and coordinated with the Tompkins County Health and Safety Coordinator and Public Employee Safety & Health (PESH) on the physical set up and operational procedures. Due to her research, Environmental Health is now humanely euthanizing bats for rabies testing.