Christine Pullin, BSN Public Health Nurse, Ontario County Public Health

  • 3 Years of Service

Christine has worked as Immunization Coordinator for Ontario County Public Health for three years. Among other duties, she visits pediatric practices, daycares and Mennonite schools to assess vaccination rates and provide education about best practices. Due to her efficiency and attention to detail in 2018-2019, the department received over $20,000 in incentive award funds the New York State Department of Health statewide performance‐based incentive program.

Most importantly, Christine does her work in ways that cultivate mutual respect and cooperation. Christine is an effective advocate for immunization. During immunization clinics, clients often leave the department immunized for more vaccine preventable diseases than they were originally scheduled to receive. As a member of the Finger Lakes Migrant Coalition she demonstrates her desire to serve the community and promote equity in the delivery of disease prevention education and health promotion.