Elise Pignatora, Director of Public Health Planning and Emergency Preparedness, Niagara County Department of Health

  • 10 Years of Service

Elise Pignatora demonstrates a dedicated commitment to improving public health in Niagara County, whether that be through her maternal child health initiatives (Positive Pregnancy and Parenting Workshops), breastfeeding initiatives, or preparing the department and community for a public health emergency. Elise works tirelessly writing plans for Public Health Emergency Preparedness to protect the community, especially those most vulnerable populations. The plans she writes are often looked at as a model for other counties. Her efforts to promote healthy habits and educate Niagara County citizens through social media are consistent and diligent. She works to reach people "where they are". The areas in which Elise has expertise are wide-reaching, and she has an innate ability to partner This allows the Niagara County Department of Health to work well in creating and maintaining much-needed partnerships with various entities and is evidenced by her work with the department's Opioid grant team. Elise is invaluable to the department and to the community.