Weights & Measures, Genesee & Orleans County Health Departments

Left to Right: David Diegelman – Director of Weights & Measures, Genesee County, Ronald Mannella – Director of Weights & Measures, Orleans County

Genesee & Orleans County Departments of Health are on the forefront when it comes to shared services, a joint effort to better serve our communities. This collaboration has created a safer and healthier environment for all residences as well as visitors to the area. In regard to shared services, Weights & Measures is no different. Although W&M may not be considered a typical public health program, in our counties, these programs have been placed under the public health's umbrella and have been integrated into our operations.

The Genesee & Orleans County Health Department's Weights & Measures program's mission is to promote equity in the marketplace. Commercial weighing and measuring devices throughout the county are tested for compliance and accuracy in order to protect consumers, businesses, and manufacturers from unfair practices. In their role, they visit stores, markets, warehouses, wholesale houses, gas stations, and other establishments to test and verify the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices. Using calibrated containers, fluid measuring devices such as service station fuel pumps are tested. Standard weights are used to check for accuracy in meat, produce, and platform scales. They also respond to consumer complaints by investigation or testing as the occasion demands.

In addition to this work, Ron and David co-chair our health department's quality improvement committee which is laying the groundwork for our PHAB accreditation process. They also assist with environmental health work and serve on other committees within the health

department. We are very pleased to have Ron and David bring their enthusiasm and creativity to our health departments and provide great service to the residents of Genesee and Orleans Counties.