Accreditation Team, Livingston County Department of Health

Top Row 1 - Jennifer Rodriguez - Public Health Director, James Peraino - Deputy Director of Public Health, Kathleen Root - Director of Patient Services, Mark Grove - Director of Environmental Health and Lisa Beardsley - Sr. Public Health Educator

Middle Row 2 - Mylessia Candie- Supervising Public Health Nurse, Jill Burley - Supervising Public Health Nurse, Colleen Schiedel - Supervising Public Health Nurse, Cathy Higgins - Sr. Public Health Sanitarian and Erik Henderson - Finance Supervisor

Bottom Row 3 - Yvonne Oliver - Public Health Educator, June Webster - Public Health Educator, Deb Hendershot - Principal Account Clerk, Kimberly Nichols - Sr. Medical Billing Specialist and Stacey Bennett - Sr. Typist

Livingston County was awarded initial accreditation in 2013 as one of the first 9 counties in the nation and the first in New York State. In August 2019 we received national reaccreditation, thereby extending our accreditation status for five more years. As of August 21, 2019, a total of 36 state health departments, 236 local health departments, three Tribal health departments, and one statewide integrated local public health department system have achieved PHAB's prestigious accreditation designation. Our team dedicated more than 2,000 work hours to provide 12 domains (areas of competency) during this rigorous review. While the fundamental work was present, the team – championed by Lisa Beardsley and Stacey Bennett – challenged the department to: foster new partnerships, explore new areas of quality improvement and better address health disparities. The process itself became a valuable tool for employee engagement.