Melanie Adams, Director of Clinic Services, Oneida County Health Department

  • 5 Years of Service

Melanie Adams has been successful in engaging her Clinic and Health Promotion staff on initiatives of quality improvement, performance measurement, workforce development, community collaborations and teambuilding. Using the guidance of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards and Measures as guidance, Melanie has assured that her staff are educated on these concepts and methodologies and then follows through with implementation. Melanie and her staff celebrate progress, large or small, and are motivated to proceed in ways that will improve the services that are provided under her direction. Her Health Promotion Team has identified the strength that community collaborations can bring to improving the health of residents. A notable example is teaming with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office, Deerfield Fire Department and the OCHD Car Seat program for successful installation and seat check events. Her enthusiasm and leadership are evident in the progress realized during her short tenure with the department.