Monique Jones, Associate Public Health Sanitarian, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health

  • 18 Years of Service

Monique Jones, Associate Public Health Sanitarian, embodies the values of the Department of Behavioral & Community Health (DBCH) by treating employees, partners and residents with respect and consistently demonstrating trustworthiness. She implements the programs she oversees to the highest standards while collaborating with other agencies to better serve the community. Monique has shown innovation by attempting to find resources to fund lead hazard abatements and to increase referrals. Monique has partnered with the DBCH Nursing Division to develop the newborn referral program, partnered with the Planning Department to explore applying for a HUD grant to fund lead hazard abatements, as well as led her employees in developing a partnership with local hardware stores to sell replacement windows at a discounted price. Monique also oversees indoor air quality complaint investigations, the Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act Program (ATUPA), tanning facilities, participates in the On-Call program and teaches a food safety class.