Rockland County Emergency Medical Services, Rockland County Department of Health

Kim Lippes, EMS Coordinator, and Desiree Leone Stoll, Assistant EMS Coordinator

Our EMS team ensures that residents are safe and respected. This is clearly demonstrated by the following account of the Rockland EMS response to a boating accident in 2019 which resulted in one death and six injuries. "Desiree arrived at the scene and immediately called with an update and a request for blankets. Desiree faced a mass casualty incident that needed coordination. There was confusion and need for ambulances. When Desiree triaged the situation and took charge, everyone cooperated and performed their duties. Desiree convinced community leaders that all children required additional medical assessment, which resulted in identification of hyper tension and hypothermic patients. Desiree worked to maintain a safe environment to warm and observe the children. She assured each ambulance was loaded and arranged staffing between agencies. It was amazing to see the cooperation Desiree achieved with the community and agencies involved. The group representing patients and families took the time to thank us as we departed.