Rockland County Measles Response Team, Rockland County Department of Health

1st Row (from left to right): Carrie Steindorff (Public Health Education Specialist), Brigitte M. Nahas Botta, Esq. (Deputy County Attorney), Tatiana DeLuna-Evans (Public Health Specialist II), Maria I. Souto (Coordinator of Communicable Disease Programs), Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert (Commissioner of Health), Samuel Rulli (Director, Environmental Public Health), Junie Delizo (Director, Emergency Preparedness, Public Health)

2nd Row (from left to right): Thomas Humbach, Esq. (County Attorney), Melissa Jacobson (Assistant Director of Public Health Education), John Lyon (Director of Strategic Communication), Dr. Marela Velez Torres (Clinic Physician), Julie Krauchuk (Supervising Nurse Practitioner, Public Health), Kevin McKay (Director of Epidemiology and Public Health Planning), Guillermo Rosa (Deputy County Executive)

Not pictured: sCatherine Johnson Southren, Esq. (Deputy Commissioner of Health) and Alka Kothari (Pharmacy Supervisor)

In late September and October 2018, multiple international travelers arrived in Rockland County and were confirmed to have the measles. The Rockland County Department of Health (RCDOH) engaged in a comprehensive effort to protect the public from the ensuing measles outbreak. An emergency plan was developed, implemented and adjusted as the outbreak continued throughout the next eleven and a half months. Initially, the RCDOH Center for Disease Prevention and Control began to investigate cases and provide immunizations including post-exposure prophylaxis while Community Health staff invoked community engagement and outreach. Eventually, staff from all RCDOH Centers and Programs were enlisted, including Environmental and Enforcement. The team reviewed 100% of summer camp documents ensuring that all campers had received the two required MMR immunizations.

NYSDOH and CDC supplied on-site staff and expert assistance. Finally, on September 25, 2019, the RCDOH Commissioner declared that the longest outbreak since measles was eliminated in 2000, was over. The "Measles Team" had identified 312 confirmed cases, contained further exposures and together with partners administered 29,502 doses of MMR vaccine as of October 1, 2019. These efforts resulted in the maintenance of the measles elimination status for the US.