Susan Sheets, Maternal Child Health and Immunization Coordinator, Wayne County Public Health

  • 12 Years of Service

Susan Sheets, RN, has been with Wayne County Public Health for 12 years, and currently serves as the Maternal Child Health and Immunization Coordinator. Her work has been instrumental in establishing a trusted relationship with many of the Amish communities within Wayne County. Through these relationships she is able to provide in-home immunization clinics, breastfeeding consultations, as well as educate the families on the different programs offered by Wayne County Public Health such as prevention of communicable diseases and Rabies. Due to a recent change in vaccination law, Susan (along with other PH Staff) have increased the frequency of in-home vaccination clinics, so Amish children can attend school. Susan has travelled throughout the county to identify and establish relationships with new Amish sects that do not immunize their children. For years, it has been difficult to perform such outreach to the Amish Communities, but with Susan's work, Wayne County Public Health is now seen as a trusted resource.