Epidemiology Measles Response Team, Sullivan County Public Health Services Department

Beth Gilmore, SCHN, Amanda Wolfe, CHN, GianPaola Santini, PHN, Linda Squires, PHN, Jenna Knox, PHN, Catherine Freda, PHN, Jessica Schwatz, PHN, Wendy Salonich, PHS Program Coordinator, Michelle France, Account Clerk, Jill Hubert-Simon, Public Health Educator, Ana Rodriguez, Bilingual Outreach Worker, Nancy McGraw, Wendy Brown

The Epidemiology team successfully addressed a measles outbreak from March through September 2019, requiring implementation of ICS and emergency preparedness actions. All available resources were required, and the team came together in an amazing way to control the outbreak and conduct dozens of MMR clinics throughout the summer. In addition, a great deal of time providing health education, interpretation services, and fielding calls from the public was involved. Sullivan County hosts approximately 170 children's summer camps and has several hundred thousand visitors in the summer, so this was no small feat. Everyone pitched in and worked well as a team.