NYWIC Team, Westchester County Department of Health

Bottom Row (left to right): Nicole Scambia, Qualified Nutritionist; Victoria Villavicencio, Community Health Worker; Hope Jackson, Qualified Nutritionist; Lily Portal, Community Health Worker; Mary Bizzoco, Qualified Nutritionist

Top Row (left to right): Lucille Reid, Qualified Nutritionist; Claudette Edwards, Staff Nutritionist; Shakema Reed, Medical Assistant; Angela Ngowi, Qualified Nutritionist/Breast Feeding Coordinator; Claudette Pinnock, Qualified Nutritionist; Marcia Martinez, Community Health Worker; Elena Tateo (back), Program Administrator; Vanessa Zahran (front), Medical Assistant; Ana Hall-Willis, Staff Assistant; Michelle Robotham (back), Qualified Nutritionist; Stephanie Burke (front), Qualified Nutritionist

Not pictured: Ramona Marmol, Community Health Worker; Caridad Torres, Community Health Worker

Every day the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program (WIC) Program strives to provide excellent nutrition education and support to families. WIC underwent a massive transition to a new Management Information System in December. Migration presents challenges. The rollout occurred when staff usually take days off. However, staff were required to work overtime, a holiday and a Saturday and had limited time off between October and December to learn the system, educate families and accommodate more participants that could not be served during the required closure and reduced period. Staff worked tirelessly as a team to ensure the needs of participants were met, including implementing a participant-centric process and issuing electronic benefits. By January 2019, the WCDH clinics resumed a full schedule, even when staff continued to learn the NYWIC System and educate families. Due to the dedication and hard work of the team, the conversion was successful and has provided a more positive client experience.