Disease Control Surveillance Team, Westchester County Department of Health

Front row Left to Right: Public Health Nurses Jenny Lynas, Rosemarie Camia
Back row Left to Right: Public Health Nurses Jane Alayan, Elizabeth Rodriguez
Not pictured: Jennifer McNamee, Supervising Public Health Nurse

Disease Control Nurses quickly and effectively face new disease challenges and outbreaks each year (Zika, Hepatitis, measles, etc.) This core set of nurses serve as a frontline disease surveillance defense team helping to identify potential exposures and common or linking variables between cases. Their swift actions allow us to offer PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and to reduce further exposures. In 2019, the team was involved with the largest measles outbreak in the United States in more than 25 years. Investigations include obtaining a complete clinical history, securing appropriate specimen collections, and ensuring proper compliance with infection control measures. These investigations also require extensive education to persons affected and to health care providers. In the face of these public health threats, this team performs their work responsibilities in a team-centered approach that fosters a commitment to excellence and respect for all.