Claudia Edwards

  • Public Health Director - Broome County Health Department
  • 16 years of service

Claudia Edwards, Public Health Director

Ms. Claudia Edwards was selected for the Honor Roll for her role in leading both the health department and the community to mobilize resources during an emergency and for her creative public health programs. In June of 2006, Broome County experienced devastation from flooding. Ms. Edwards immediately mobilized Health Department personnel and other resources to set up and maintain a Special Needs Shelter to service the immediate and ongoing needs of flood victims. Ms. Edwards instituted orientation programs for the County Executive and Legislators. She has led walking tours to promote the benefits of exercise to the legislators and their constituents, and used this time to convey important public health messages and priorities. As Director, Ms. Edwards ensures that her staff are supported in and recognized for the work they do, and has set up a health department "Wall of Fame."

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