Marie Capezzuti, Infection Control/Bioterrorism Coordinator, Washington County Public Health

  • 6 years of service

Marie Capezzuti

Ms. Marie Capezzuti has been successful in developing partnerships with the local school district, BOCES, Mental Health, the local hospital, sheriff's department, emergency services and rescue squad. As a result, the department was able to develop a drill which included transportation, triage, transfer and mass prophylaxis.

She has worked with community jail services to ensure an improved infection control program, and to promote safety issues regarding infection control for the staff and inmates. Ms. Capezzuti has also worked with the Women Infant Child (WIC) and Immunization program to ensure that language materials were appropriate for the migrant health program. She is diligent in her efforts to be on top of current events with respect to their impact on public health, specifically in the realm of disease and illness, such as E. coli and CA-MRSA. She is credited for being ahead of her time with her approach to educating the nursing staff, and provider community while developing policies to deal with CA-MRSA.