ECRIP Prospective Panel of Experts in Clinical Research - 2021

All ECRIP project abstracts will be reviewed by New York State Department of Health (DOH) staff and a panel of experts in clinical research. DOH is currently organizing these panels and is seeking individuals with experience in clinical research to participate as ECRIP reviewers.

Please provide to DOH by October 1st, 2021 the name, address, phone numbers (office & cell), email address, specialty, clinical department and institutional affiliation(s) for any individual who is willing to review ECRIP projects to Include "ECRIP Reviewer" in the subject heading.

Only submit names of reviewers that have been contacted and have agreed to participate as a reviewer. No reviewers will review abstracts from their own or affiliated institution(s). Reviewers must: (1) be available to review up to five project abstracts in November and December 2021 and return the review tool to DOH within 2 weeks after receiving the abstracts from DOH; (2) agree to sign a conflict of interest/confidentiality attestation; (3) be able to review any clinical research project regardless of the topic or field of study; and (4) provide all contact information noted above.

Conference calls or meetings may be necessary and could be scheduled to resolve differences among reviewers.

Please note that DOH cannot provide any reimbursement, honorarium or other compensation for ECRIP project reviewers.