Radiologic Technology: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact your office?

A: You can contact us by telephone at (518) 402-7570, by email at or mail at:

Center for Environmental Health
Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
Empire State Plaza-Corning Tower, Room 1201
Albany, New York 12237

Q: What are some of the major changes to the 2007 revised Article 35?

A: The changes to regulations (Part 89) based on the 2007 updates to Article 35 included:

  • licensure of Nuclear Medicine Technologists, including fusion imaging;
  • Continuing Education requirements; and
  • contrast media injection requirements.

Q: What is required for my continuing education credits?

A: Submit a copy of your current American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) certification. AART will stop issuing paper credential cards on December 31, 2020. Please use the Verify Credentials online directory on the AART website. Download and print a copy of the information from the Verify Credentials online directory and attach to your renewal. This will satisfy the continuing education credits requirement. If you are not a member of the ARRT, submit proof of continuing education credits.

Q: How do I become certified for contrast injection?

A: Please contact our office at (518) 402-7580 for the fee, have your license number ready. Before submitting the injection application, you must be trained by a physician, the application has to be signed by a New York State licensed physician stating you have been adequately trained. Include a copy of your current CPR certificate and payment and return to this office. Fees range from $10-$40, depending on your registration.

Q: What is required to change my name on my license?

A: Submit proof of name change (copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) and original license and registration certificates. Include current address, if it is different from what we have on file.

Q: I misplaced my license/registration certificate. How do I obtain a duplicate license/registration certificate?

A: Submit a notarized statement request. Specify license or registration certificate and state the reason for the request. The notarized statement may be faxed to this office at (518) 402-7575.

Q: How do I obtain an out-of-state license verification?

Contact that state you are applying for licensure and request a verification form. Send the verification form to this office:

Center for Environmental Health
Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
Empire State Plaza-Corning Tower, Room 1201
Albany, New York 12237

The completed form will be returned to the state you are applying for licensure.

Q: I have my license. Can I work?

A: You may work for 30 days from the print date of your license while you submit your application to register your license with this office.

Q: Where can I find the application for renewing my registration?

A: A registration renewal application will be mailed to you approximately 60 days before your current registration expires. If you misplace your renewal application, you may obtain a duplicate by calling this office at (518) 402-7580.

Q: I have an out of state license. Is there any reciprocity with New York State?

A: No. To work as a radiologic technologist in New York State, you must be licensed in New York State.

Q: Who do I make the check/money order for my registration fee out to?

A: New York State Department of Health.