Reciprocity Information

Reciprocity is the process in which an individual holding a current certification from one of the fifty (50) states, the District of Columbia, the military, and/or from the National Registry of EMT's (NREMT) may be granted NYS certification rather than taking a NYS original course.

The New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems (BEMS) recognizes the following provider levels as eligible of certification for reciprocity:

  • Emergency Medical Responder/Certified First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
  • Paramedic

NYS does not grant reciprocity to individuals who have obtained certification from other countries or U.S territories who do not have a National Registry certification. Additionally, all applications must prove that more than half of their course was asynchronous, or in-person, learning in regards to their didactic lectures.

All applicants must meet criteria as stated in the State's regulations, specifically Section 800.12: Reciprocal certification requirements. They state that the applicant must do the following:

  • Demonstrate a need for certification by providing proof of education, employment, or another acceptable need as determined by the department, and
  • Have successfully completed a course that meets or exceeds a curriculum based on the current National EMS Educational standards and approved by the department; or
  • Have successfully completed an out-of-state recognized, or National Registry recertification program that is an equivalent program or process to New York State; or
  • Complete a practical skills evaluation and/or written exam as determined by the department; and
  • Submit the filing fee.

Additional information on each one of these requirements can be found in the application.

If you would like to apply for reciprocity, you need to complete this online application:

It can take up to five business days for an initial review of your application. You will receive an email once it has been reviewed.

If you have a question about the process, you can email us at

If you are an individual who took a NYS course and opted to take the NREMT exam in place of the NYS exam, and you are now looking to obtain your NYS certification, please use this link.