Instructions for Electronic Validation of the New State EMS Certification Cards

For validation of NYS EMS Certification on the HCS System, follow these steps:

  2. LOGIN – Login to HCS System with personal account information (if you do not have an HCS account, follow the instructions below to create an HCS account)
  3. SEARCH – On the top left side of the HCS home page there is a search box, type in "EMT" and hit enter. Click the "EMT Certification Search Screen" option from the options that appear.
  4. EMT SEARCH PAGE – Once on the EMT Certification Search Screen, enter EITHER the EMT number or EMT last name and hit "GO".
  5. SELECT PROVIDER – If more then one EMS provider comes up with your search, select the provider you are trying to validate by clicking on their last name which should appear in blue as a hyperlink.
  6. EMT VERIFICATION – The EMS providers level of certification and expiration data should appear on this page. If needed, print this page for your records.

Instructions to Create a HCS Account:

The Department of Health uses a "paperless" application process for Licensed Medical Professionals, Certified EMS Providers and Unlicensed Medical Professionals to apply for a Health Commerce System (HCS) account.

  • Entirely electronic and does not require signatures and a notary.
  • A NYS DMV Driver's License or a NYS DMV Non-driver Photo ID is necessary to apply.
  • Upon completion of the application, immediate access to the HCS.
  • A User account request should be completed by a HCS Coordinator for unlicensed professionals.

Licensed Medical Providers by the Department of Education:

If you are a Licensed Medical Professional (most likely your license comes from the Department of Education), click here: Apply for an HCS Medical Professions account

Certified EMS Providers and Unlicensed Medical Professionals:

If you are an Certified EMS Provider or Unlicensed Medical Professional, follow the two-step process outlined below which includes contacting your EMS Agency HCS coordinator. If you don't know your agencies HCS Coordinator or they don't have one, please contact your regional Program Agency for assistance.


Certified EMS Providers and unlicensed medical professionals must register for a HCS user account through the NYS Department of Health.


The EMS Agency HCS Coordinator must enroll (activate) your account on the HCS after you have registered.

  • Click here for the steps to enroll: Step B of the Quick Reference Guide
  • Please Note: The "paperless" application process is not an option if a HCS account request is already in process. If attempted, you will receive an error message and may not proceed.

If you DO NOT have a NYS DMV Driver's License or NYS DMV Non-driver Photo ID, you can still apply using the existing process which requires signatures and a notary. See instructions below.