Ambulance & Advanced Life Support First Response Service Certificates

Bureau of EMS Policy Statement
Policy Statement #03-01
SubjectRe: Ambulance & Advanced Life Support First Response Service Certificates


Operating certificates are documents issued by the Department to Ambulance Services and Advanced Life Support First Response Services. The certificate defines the services operating territory and contains the name under which the agency is required to operate.

Certificates are valid for two years. The certificate's expiration date is printed in the upper right hand corner of the document. It is the certified service's responsibility to insure that their certification is maintained continuously.

Renewal Process

Renewal of operating authority applications are mailed to certified services sixty to ninety days prior to expiration of their certificates. These mailings are sent to the last official address filed with the Department by the agency. It is the agency's responsibility to provide the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services of their current mailing address and to advise the Bureau of EMS of any address changes.

Failure to receive this mailing is not justification for lapsed certification. Services that do not receive renewal applications by mail or which need assistance may find copies of the application and other needed forms in the DOH Bureau of EMS Operations Resource Guide or on the Bureau's site on the World Wide Web:

It is the responsibility of operators of certified services to file complete recertification applications with the Department at least thirty days prior to the expiration date of their current certificate. Completed applications shall be filed with the Department's regional office as indicated in the application packet or on the web site.

Completed recertification applications received by the Department prior to the expiration of the current certificate, will result in a new certificate issued with an expiration date two years from the current expiration date. This assures no lapse in certification. However, at the Department's option, window stickers for vehicles may be withheld pending an inspection of the agency, its records and vehicles.

Applications filed after the expiration date or which are submitted incomplete will be issued an expiration date two (2) years from the end of the month in which the application is received and approved by the Department. Failure to file complete recertification applications on time may result in periods of lapsed certification. Additionally the Department may report lapses of certification to Medicaid, Medicare, insurance carriers or other interested parties upon request. Services may also be subject to disciplinary procedures if they operate without certification.

The Regional Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC) will be advised of any lapse of certification of an ALS agency as advanced life support may not be provided by a service that is not currently certified by the Department. The authority to posses and administer controlled substances held by any EMS service will be considered suspended during any lapse in certification by the service.

All current operating certificates issued by the Department must be posted conspicuously, as indicated on the certificate.

Certificates may not be transferred and remain the property of the NYS Department of Health. Certificates must be surrendered to the Department upon any termination of operation by a certified EMS agency.

Authorized and Issued by;
Edward G. Wronski, Director
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services