Instructor Course Program Coordinator

Bureau of EMS Policy Statement
Policy Statement # 09-04
Date 04/22/2009
Subject Re: Instructor Course Program Coordinator
Supercedes/Updates: 00-04

Program Coordinator Job Description

The Program Coordinator (PC) has the overall responsibility for directing and coordinating the planning, organization, administration, and Continuous Quality Improvement of a NYS DOH Bureau of EMS (BEMS) Prescreening, Certified Lab Instructor (CLI), Certified Instructor Coordinator (CIC), or Certified Instructor Update (CIU) Course. The PC must be a currently certified NYS EMT/AEMT, CIC, and BEMS Regional Faculty member who has been appointed to the position of PC by BEMS. Additionally, the PC must be present during all of the instructor course sessions to ensure there is continuity and that all instructor course curriculum objectives are met. The PC, BEMS Regional Office Representative, and the Specialty Course Sponsor Administrator collaborate to ensure that the instructor course is run effectively so that the candidates have the opportunity to successfully complete the course.

Program Coordinator Responsibilities include:

  • Submitting the Course Application (DOH-782) and schedule to BEMS at least 30 days calendar days prior to the start of course
  • Assigning appropriate BEMS appointed Regional Faculty for each Prescreening Exam skills station, to the position of Prescreening Practical Skills Exam Coordinator, and for CLI/CIC/CIU Course presentations (Note: Occasionally, a special guest lecturer who is not a BEMS appointed Regional Faculty but is an expert in their given field may be utilized at a CIU)
  • Ensuring that the Prescreening Exam and selection of CLI/CIC candidates follows established BEMS curriculum, policies and procedures
  • Submitting completed Applications for Instructor Certification (DOH-65) to the appropriate BEMS Regional Office within 10 days following course completion
  • Submitting completed and signed Class List for Ancillary EMS Training (DOH-89) and Instructor Sheets (DOH-743) to BEMS Central Office within 10 days following course completion
  • Ensuring the availability of required training equipment, supplies, and materials for each course session
  • Ensuring that the appropriate support materials, policies, and forms are secured and distributed to all Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU candidates
  • Attending and coordinating all Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU course sessions
  • Ensuring and documenting that Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU candidate attendance requirements are met
  • Ensuring that faculty are following the currently approved BEMS CLI/CIC course curriculum and ensuring content appropriateness of faculty presentations at CIU course sessions
  • Providing feedback and counseling to CLI/CIC candidates regarding their performance throughout the course
  • Ensuring maintenance of adequate inventory of training and audio visual equipment and supplies
  • Assisting the Specialty Course Sponsor Administrator with selection of an appropriate educational facility for instructor training including but not limited to the following considerations: size of classroom, number of instructor candidates, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, noise level, etc
  • Serving as the liaison between Prescreening/CLI/CIC candidates, faculty, staff, and the Specialty Course Sponsor
  • Serving as the liaison to BEMS

Criteria for Appointment

In order to be eligible for initial appointment and to maintain status as a PC, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the CLI and CIC Courses
  • Successful completion of the BEMS Regional Faculty Course
  • Maintains current certification as a NYS EMT/AEMT
  • Must have achieved at least an 85% on their most recent EMT/AEMT exam within the past three years
  • Maintains current certification as a CIC
  • Successful completion of an apprenticeship with a BEMS approved Specialty Course Sponsor under the supervision of a BEMS appointed PC and/or BEMS Regional Office Representative
  • Submit the following documentation to BEMS Central Office for approval:
    • Documentation verifying that PC candidate meets above noted Appointment Criteria.
    • Letter verifying successful completion of apprenticeship from the Specialty Course Sponsor Administrator.
    • Letter of recommendation from BEMS Regional Office Representative.

Apprenticeship Guidelines and Behavioral Objectives

Upon completion of the supervised apprenticeship, the PC candidate will be able to demonstrate proficiency for each of the following:

  • Understand and implement BEMS administrative policies and procedures for conducting a Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU Course
  • Understand the procedures for filing a Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU Course Application (DOH-782) and schedule with BEMS
  • Understand Prescreening/CLI/CIC/CIU course management skills, including but not limited to:
    • Advertising/Marketing
    • Screening of applicants
    • Preparation of course schedule within BEMS curriculum, policy, and guidelines
    • Preparation of course budget within BEMS policy and guidelines
    • Assign appropriate BEMS Appointed Regional Faculty for Prescreening Exam skills stations and course presentations (Note: A guest lecturer with special expertise in their given field may be substituted for a Regional Faculty member in a CIU course)
    • Assure that equipment is available for course including Audio Visuals
    • Timely submission of all BEMS required pre and post instructor course paperwork including but not limited to the Course Application (DOH-782), schedule, Class List for Ancillary EMS Training (DOH-89), Instructor Sheets (DOH-743), Line Item Budget, Standard Voucher (AC92), and CLI/CIC candidate packets
      • Maintenance of accurate course and Prescreening/CLI/CIC candidate records
      • Evaluation and remediation of candidates
  • Understand the CLI/CIC didactic course content and objectives
  • Provide back-up presentations for absent faculty
  • Participate in the course management of one (1) CLI Course and one (1) CIC Course

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, the Specialty Course Sponsor Administrator should forward a letter verifying that the PC candidate has met all requirements for appointment to:

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of EMS
Attn: Education Unit
875 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206
(518) 402-0996 extension 1 prompt 4

Issued and Authorized by

Edward G. Wronski, Director, Bureau of EMS