Personal Equipment on Ambulance Vehicles

Bureau of EMS Policy Statement
Policy Statement #98-03
SubjectPersonal Equipment on Ambulance Vehicles


The objective of this policy is to identify the responsibilities of EMS services and individuals in regards to equipment required by Part 800 that may be considered by a service to be personal issue.


Part 800 of the New York State EMS Code defines what equipment must be available and operational on each certified emergency response vehicle (Ambulance, EASV or ALSFR vehicle). Services may issue their members/employees certain items of EMS equipment such as penlights, stethoscopes, and blood pressure cuffs, or may permit members/employees to carry their own similar equipment.


Any service which issues or permits the use of personal equipment by its members/employees must have written policies in effect which clearly define which items of equipment are personal issue, and the responsibility of each member/employee for the availability, cleanliness and operational condition of each item when on duty. The service may limit what equipment members/employees may carry. Individual members/employees should receive a copy of the policy and acknowledge its receipt. The services daily vehicle inspection report should identify any items of equipment considered to be personnel issue.

As with any item of equipment required by Part 800, the EMS service is held responsible for the availability, cleanliness and operating condition of any personal issue equipment.

Issued by:

John J. Clair
Associate Director-Operations

Thomas Fortune
Sr. EMS Representative-Operations

Authorized by:

Edward G. Wronski
Director, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services