DAL NH 12-02 Personal Care Aide Training Programs Re-approvals

February 3, 2012

Dear Administrator:

This letter concerns only Personal Care Aide Training Programs (PCATP) approved by the New York State Department of Health. The process and requirements for re-approvals have been revised. The new process is outlined below.

Each PCATP will be automatically re-approved on its expiration date if it has:

  • (1) issued at least one Personal Care Aide (PCA) certificate in the preceding 12 months; and
  • (2) conducted at least one 40-hour Home Care Curriculum class in the preceding 36 months. Please note: competency testing does not qualify as a 40-hour class and cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

If your PCATP meets the above criteria you do not need to apply for re-approval because your end date in the Home Care Registry (HCR) will automatically be extended 36 months. Effective immediately, the new date will be reflected on the HCR Training Entity Profile.

Home care agencies whose PCATPs are closed due to not meeting the criteria will be notified. The appropriate local Departments of Social Services will also receive notification. Home care agencies may elect to submit an application to establish a new PCATP at any time without prejudice. Home Care Agencies with closed PCATPs cannot create PCA classes, graduate PCA students and/or issue PCA certificates.

Home care agencies whose training programs are closed on the HCR must continue to maintain compliance with Home Care Registry employer requirements. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. If you have any questions, please contact PCATP@health.state.ny.us or call the Bureau of Credentialing at (518) 408-1297.


Jacqueline Pappalardi, Director
Nursing Home and ICF/MR Surveillance
Office of Health Systems Management