DAL 09-02: Instructions for Electronic Submission of the Weekly Bed Census Data Survey

  1. Go to your HPN Homepage, and click "Nursing Home Surveys". Select your Agency Name in the dropdown box below "User Reporting Organization".
  2. Go to the "Data Entry" Drop down box and select "Data Entry".
  3. Select "Weekly Bed Census Data" from the list "Please select an activity".
  4. Enter the total and available beds for each bed category. For specified bed categories, you will need to click whether a bed category (Yes/No) is found in your facility before entering bed census information. Further explanation of bed definitions can be found by clicking on a related "?".
  5. Click "Save". The top of the screen will have (in red) "Saved data successfully."
  6. Click "Preview Data to be Submitted" to verify the information before submitting.
  7. Click "Proceed to Submit Data to DOH". The top of the screen will show (in red) "Thank you. Data has been submitted to the Department of Health. Click the Completion Status button to update activity status."
  8. Click "Completion Status" button to ensure that all surveys have been sent to the Department. You may logout at this point in the process.

Please note that information entered from the prior week will be available for the next subsequent week. This will provide ready access to total bed information, and easily allow you to change bed availability information from week to week.

The "Weekly Bed Census Data" survey will only be activated from Wednesday 8:00 a.m. through Friday 5:00 p.m. of each week. Use each Wednesday morning census for the basis of bed information.