DAL: NH 17-06 Revised Nursing Home Closure Guidelines

January 11, 2018

Dear Nursing Home Administrator:

In August 2006, the Department issued guidance to assist providers who may be considering cessation of operations. Based on its experience in working with nursing home providers that chose closure and recent changes to the nursing facility industry, the Department has revised its General Information Guidelines and more specific Nursing Facility/Operator Closure Plan Guidelines. The new guidelines are designed to reduce the impact on residents, families, staff and the community and insure that the wishes of current patients/residents/families are respected when placement decisions are made. This letter and the enclosed guidelines are designed to ensure a smooth and safe transition of residents throughout this process.

Specifically, the changes to the guidelines include:

  • Addition of a requirement for notifications to Medicaid Managed Long Term Care providers (#6 and 11B);
  • Revisions and clarification to the required plan to involve the facility’s ombudsman (#9); and
  • Addition of a requirement for identifying and referring residents interested in community placement to the current Money Follows the Person contractor (#11A).

We expect that these revisions to the guidelines will improve your ability to address your highest priority -- the health and safety of your residents throughout the transition period. Please be reminded that you must have written approval from the Commissioner of Health prior to the implementation of a nursing home closure plan and all discharges, including those initiated by residents or family, must be in compliance with federal regulations regarding discharge notice requirements. Please contact your Regional Nursing Home Program Director if you have any questions about the information in this letter.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Shelly Glock, Director
Director of Nursing Homes and ICF/IID Surveillance
Center for Health Care Provider Services and Oversight