Genetic Services Program

Program Goal

To ensure that individuals with genetic disorders, whether affected, at-risk for transmitting, or simply concerned, have access to comprehensive genetics services which include diagnostic, counseling and preventive services.


Any person living in New York State.


New York State provides grant awards to genetic centers in all areas of the state. Funded centers provide a full range of genetic services. These services include diagnosis, laboratory testing, and genetic counseling and referral to specialty treatment centers as needed by the patient and family for many types of conditions, such as breast cancer, cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease. Health insurance is billed if the patient has it, but all services are available whether or not the patient is able to pay for them.

For More Information

Call the New York State Department of Health's Genetic Service Program at (518) 474-7148 for information on the genetic center(s) nearest to you. Information is also available at:

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Revised 10/2013