Event Organizers: Are You Planning for Food Vendors at Your Event?

As an event organizer, you know good food helps make a successful event. NYS Public Health Regulations consider food vendors as temporary food service operators and list requirements that vendors must meet to serve food at an event. Make it easier for your food vendors by considering these requirements before you book your next event. Contact your health department early in your event planning.

Consider the Needs of Food Vendors When Selecting Your Venue

  • Power to maintain temperatures of hot/cold food
  • Potable/consumable water for drinking, preparing food, and cooking from an approved water supply
  • Waste water storage and removal
  • Proper hand washing and dishwashing facilities

If temporary food service operators prepare, cook, or even provide certain samples of food or beverages, one or more permits might be needed. These permits may need to be displayed at the event. To ensure that food vendors have their permits, consider having them provide you a copy before the event.

When Should a Temporary Food Service Operator Apply for a Permit?

It is recommended that a temporary food service operator contact the local/state health department at least 3-4 weeks before the event to review the requirements and to allow adequate processing and issuing time for a temporary food service establishment permit application (www.health.ny.gov/EnvironmentalContacts).

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