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New York State's Medical Marijuana Program allows patients who suffer from specific serious conditions who also have a condition clinically associated with, or a complication of, the serious condition to be certified by a practitioner to receive medical marijuana products for medical use. Practitioners must complete a New York State Department of Health (Department) approved course and register with the Department to certify patients. Practitioners must consult the New York State Prescription Monitoring Program Registry prior to issuing a certification to a patient for medical marijuana.

Patients who are certified by their practitioners must apply to the Department to obtain a registry identification card. During the patient registration process, certified patients may designate up to two caregivers to obtain and possess medical marijuana products on their behalf. Caregivers who are designated during the patient registration process must also separately register with the Department in order to obtain a registry identification card. Certified patients and designated caregivers who have been issued a registry identification card may visit one of the registered organizations' dispensing facilities in New York State to purchase approved medical marijuana products. Click here to learn more about registered organizations in New York State. The Department retains the authority to revoke registrations of registered organizations that fail to meet New York State's regulatory requirements at any time. Registrations are valid for two years from the date of issuance.


News and Press Releases

The Department Announces Updates to the Compassionate Care Act

The Department released the two year report for the Medical Use of Marijuana Under the Compassionate Care Act

The report, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below, highlights the major milestones achieved by the Medical Marijuana Program, as well as recommendations to improve upon the program's success.

Department of Health Announces Launch of Medical Marijuana Program

Request for Federal Waivers